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ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) are showing up everywhere and are being retrofitted for all types of tasks. These nimble, lightweight vehicles are proving to be as versatile as they are fun to ride. Whether you're racing motocross on your ATV or hauling hay on a working farm, E3 ATV spark plugs are an ideal choice for any money-minded consumer. Our patented Edge-to-Edge ground electrode technology produces a faster and larger flame kernel for a cleaner burn that is more fuel efficient than most conventional spark plugs.

When you're expecting "giddy-up and go," nothing is more frustrating than a poor performing engine with a throttle bog. That's where switching to E3 replacement plugs can save the day. Since our engineers started by studying how a plug's spark creates a flame kernel to ignite the compressed air-fuel mixture in an engine's combustion zone, we immediately recognized the advantages of a more thorough burn during the power stroke. E3 ATV spark plugs are proven to be more fuel efficient and can reduce the release of harmful emissions.

Tired of replacing the spark plug every time someone wants to ride your pocket bike or ATV? These versatile two-wheelers with smaller displacement engines have become overwhelmingly popular in recent years. But, whether the rider is tooling around RV-city on tailgating weekends or using his or her ATV for routine transportation, one of the biggest complaints we hear is all about the dreaded fouled plug. It always seems to happen at the worst time and you're left digging through your tool box looking for a replacement.

Although any spark plug can foul in time, E3 ATV plugs are engineered and manufactured using the same applied science as those produced for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Our multiple-edge ground electrode produces a stronger flame kernel to get the combustion event started sooner. Plus, unlike the cheaper plugs that are installed in affordable two-wheelers by the manufacturer, E3 ATV and pocket bike spark plugs are built to last. The DiamondFIRE tip was designed to withstand today's ethanol-blended fuel without the surface metal degradation common to many standard plugs.